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The Oracle Club is the best club that I have joined in. I am a 3-year member now and I am still enjoying my time working here. I am a writer and I found this place as a perfect place to work my novel. However, I have yet to experience attending any of their events and I want to experience it at least once. Can you tell me what am I going to expect in the event? I thank you in advance for answering my question. – Dianne

Hi, Dianne! I am also a member of The Oracle Club for years now and I always attend any of the events as I want to meet the other members and know about them. They are holding events every month and it is amazingly different every time. You will enjoy every minute of your time at every event. Every member shares their experiences and their artworks, music, and books. Try it at least once and for sure you will enjoy it as well. Also, you will get lots of friends there. If you want, I can give my contact to you and you can reach me out so we can go together in this upcoming event. – Milan

There are lots of things happening in the events and for sure you will like it as much as we do. There is a famous artist who is invited to the events monthly. Who knows? One of them can be your favorite one. You can also have the opportunity to share your artworks and give a piece of advice to aspiring artists who will attend. We are looking forward to you attending the event. See you there! – Jeff