The Oracle Club compiled all the questions

That we are receiving from our files. We strive our best to answers all your question and we choose some of the most asked and posted them here for your reference. We hope that you find this page helpful as you browse through our site. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to send it to us via email.

FAQS of Oracle Club! Arts, Artworks, Creative people artists, club of artist

Q. What is the Oracle Club?
A. The Oracle Club is a cafe where you can go and release the artist in you. We are providing a cozy and calming place where you can create your artwork. This is exclusively for the members of the Oracle Club.
Q. How to become a member of The Oracle Club?
A. Thank you for giving the interest to join our club. To join, you need to fill out the member registration form and pay for the one-time fee membership. An email will be sent to you promptly which will be the confirmation of being a member of our club. After that, you can visit the Oracle Club any time you want to.
Q. What are the offerings of the Oracle Club?
A. Aside from providing a workplace for every artist, we are also doing an event every month together with the other members. At these events, we are sharing all our artworks, creations, and music in a night that is full of fun and excitement with almost all the artistic members of the Oracle Club. We also offer a workshop for aspiring and interested artists like you. In a separate room but the same location as our club headquarters is where we will happily train you. It is filled with tools and different types of equipment that we are using in the training session. Each training has several sessions dependent on the level of your skills.
Q. Who should I call to reach the Oracle Club?
A. You can contact our representative via emails.