February 11, 2019

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Welcome to the Oracle Club! We very much appreciate your effort in landing on our website. If you are an artist who needs space to work on your masterpiece then you’ve come to the right place.

Have you been thinking about what motivates artists to do their work on their art and where they create them? We have seen many great works of art – in museums, cafes, and galleries, as well as on the internet. But are we aware that creating a masterpiece needs a perfect place so that the concentration of the artists themselves would not be shattered?

When one sees paintings, hear music, read poems or books it usually makes us stop and think of who is the artist. It makes us wonder how do they do what they do and what are their secrets in creating their arts. These things are usually the questions on your mind if you are not the artist himself. Perhaps, no one would disagree that an artist is indeed, a very skillful and smart person that is natural because they are born with their skills. Although, there are also those others who have potential that just needed to be enhanced through practicing and further learning. One thing is for sure, for the artists, they really need a good place to think and to work to have a beautiful creation.

Paintings, hear music, read poems or books -  Oracle Club!

The Oracle Club offers a place that perfectly syncs with our dear artists. Whether you are a writer, a painter, a musician, a poet, or a visual artist, this will definitely be a place of work for you. It is a cafe that has an ambiance that is conducive for all artists alike. It is calm, quiet, and has many different rooms for different artists. We have a small recording studio for singers and composers. We are providing even a cozy room for everyone that is filled with artworks and every type of equipment that you’ll need to get your work done properly and fast. The place is walled with fine paintings that you can see as you enter in a classic wooden garage door in Tulsa.

To use our place to be your space for your artistic work, you should join the club. We offer a one-time fee for membership then you can access the Oracle Club cafe whenever you want to come to our place. We are also doing an event every month for the members of the club. In this event, we introduce popular artist which will share a piece of advice to everyone so you will be inspired and have the courage to pursue your dream in this field. The Oracle Club is not just a cozy workplace for every artist but we are also made up of a group of artists who can help you in every step of your way.

Membership then you can access the Oracle Club cafe - Oracle Club!

The Oracle Club is also pleased to share our place for every aspiring artist. We have great teachers who can train you in this field. Do you want to be a writer, a composer, a poet, a painter or a visual artist? The great thing is we offer a workshop for you. In just several sessions, you will become a motivated, dedicated, and passionate artist. In the end, you will become a famous one like others who are part of this club.
Join us now and be a member of the club or apply for the workshop we offer. Thank you and see you next time!